Fundamentals of Medicine
Medicine 13.01.2022

Test your skills in Medicine

Fundamentals of Medicine
Delicious recipes from cereals
Food and cooking 12.01.2022

Culinary recipes for cereals

Delicious recipes from cereals
Confectionery courses
Food and cooking 11.01.2022

Confectioner, refresher courses

Confectionery courses
Try to solve a math problem
Math problems 30.11.2021

Solve the problem in 1 minute?

Simple riddle, solve and guess the answer?
Math problems 29.11.2021

Solve equation, algebra, riddle.

Item for creating sounds attached rope
Photo riddle 28.11.2021

What are the names of objects for reproducing sound

Sun protection is hung on the windows, what is it?
Photo riddle 27.11.2021

What is the name of the protection on the windows?

Germany, Dresden, boat for excursions

River transport for transporting people?

Heavy military equipment
Military equipment

Self-propelled armored combat vehicle

Weapon, battle for the future.
Military equipment

Anti-tank combat weapons?

Used in cooking for cold appetizers

Evergreen tree, American Perseus?

This fruit is used for flavorings

The fruit is yellow-orange, round, velvety, growing on a tree?